I work mostly with pencil, charcoal, or ink on paper, usually incorporating digital lettering. Occassionally I create comics entirely digitally but I prefer to work on physical media.

Books in print

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Extraordinary Times: Volume 2

A visual journal of life with a young child during the COVID-19 pandemic - part two.
Winner: 2021 MICE honorable mention.

Extraordinary Times: Volume 1

A visual journal of life with a young child during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liminal State

Liminal State is a memoir about dealing with post-partum and grief at the same time.
Winner: 2019 MICE mini-grant.

Early Motherhood: Hour By Hour

Hour-by-hour accounting of a typical day for me with daughter as an infant, and then as a toddler.

Many Drops, An Ocean: A Zine About Climate Change

How to take care of the planet and our selves. #climatezine

Red Flag

A young woman who dreams of escaping a scorched Earth to live in the stars puts her faith in a long-shot orbital ship, and things quickly get dire.


Online-only works. Click to read them in their entirety.

COVID19 Vaccination Campaign

Client work: Encouraging people to get vaccinated by emphasizing hope and relief.

Hourly Comics Day 2021

A day in the life, hour by hour, smack-dab in the middle of COVID isolation.

Hourly Comics Day 2020

Recording a quiet day in early (pre-pandemic!) 2020 with my family, with updates drawn every hour.

4pm on the 73

An icky encounter on the bus ride home.

Have A Good Paradise

A short memoir piece about my Greek immigrant family and my relationship with my grandparents.

Between Sleeps: For My Boston Strong

Living with terrorism, both in NYC for 9/11 and for the Boston Marathon bombing.


Exerpts from contributions to a sample set of the print anthologies I have been a part of over the years.

Time Is The Enemy

An ode to Odo in the episode ‘Children of Time’ of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

A Necessary Adaptation

An examination of my relationship with my heritage faith after my father’s death.

The Morris Worm

Exploring the history of the very first computer virus and why computer security is more important than ever.

The Prince's Lament

A beautiful woman lures a prince to her tower of bones.